Some Projects Undertaken In Details


  • Project: Structured Cabling 2005

This project is now complete and was initiated by DPM (Directorate of Personnel Management) funded by World Bank. The project was won by us through public tender in which we were evaluated as the best designers and with best technical specification. The specifications were Category 6 Copper cabling and the fiber optics Backbones to all 5 Floors.

  • Data Points 600
  • Value 11.8 million
  • Project Managers Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person WORLD VISION (GOK)


Project Structured Cabling 2003 UUNet is the powerhouse of all ISPs in Kenya and supplies links to most ISPs in Kenya including uplinks. As a regional ISP leader and detaching from African Online, UUNet wanted to establish an independent Centre for their main communication centre and administration. After proving our worth, we were selected as the best Design Company to set up the centre on Mombasa road. The new Office set-up consists of 600 terminations for ISP Communication Center at Parkside Towers-Mombassa road. At this center, we designed the complete Communication center (ISP), Work area and all related links. We then designed and installed structured cabling for the entire office operations and termination of fiber.

  • Data Points 600
  • Value 8 Million
  • Project Manger Mr. Peter Mwondi Asst. & Mr Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person Mr. Mugo Tel 69088000
  • Project Consultants QMEC Mr. Ithau


Project: Office Refurbishment 2000 We were consulted to evaluate, design and implement a Network system that would run a mission critical Communication Systems for general office automation and client Dealing System Communication Centre. Triad Architects designed the office refurbishment program. This is a multi Protocol system running IP/IPX and TCP/IP to communicate with their Headquarters in London.

  • Data Points 150
  • Value 2.5million
  • Project Manager: Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person: Mrs. Margaret Makhungu, Tel. 330261

UNICEF - Operation lifeline Sudan (OLS).

Project New Offices Cabling 2000 This is a new program within UNICEF serving southern Sudan region whose operations is to coordinate Food and other aid to the hunger stricken people of Southern Sudan. The main supplies base is at Lokichogio in the North Rift Valley. This was a new office that was to be linked to UNICEF - Regional office Gigiri Annex. The UTP cat 5e and termination of fibre links.

  • Data Points 350
  • Value 8 million
  • Project Manager Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person: Mr. Paul Asura Tel: 622134


Project: Network Cabling 2003 We were invited to design and implement a Computer Network that would meet their needs. A Computer Network was installed using Siemon cabling components and runs Windows NT and Pastel accounting system to keep stores inventory.

  • Data Points 100
  • Value 1million
  • Project Manager Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person: Mr. M. Nyamweya-CEO Tel. 545172/559114/559560.


Project Structured cabling 2002 With its Multi-Billion investments, Pan Africa wanted to integrate their Voice and Data on its Network infrastructure. With very high budget allocated to their old telephone infrastructure repair, they wanted a much more reliable Cabling System installed at its offices. Direct Communication Systems Ltd was called in just as any other tender bidders to evaluate their existing System and their new requirements. In this project, we won as a company, with the best technical presentation, and solution based on Siemon Cabling System. We implemented the Structured Cabling System, which integrated Voice and Data (PC and Dump terminals).

  • Data Points 358
  • Project Manager Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Value 5 million
  • Contact Mr. J.Wamwea Tel 242984/247600


Project Structured Cabling 2004 A Structured Cabling Systems of Data and Voice outlets spanning into two external offices, Cable routes were 2-compartment metal trunking. The PABX system integrated was an Alcatel one.

  • Data Points 360
  • Value 5 Million
  • Project Manager Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person: Mr. Andrew Tel: 2724674.


Project Structured Cabling 180 The Project at The KSPS involved designing and Cabling of Computer LABS for the students and the Administration lock situated at Laxicon house. We cabled the college using the category 5e with Linksys as switches for the entire College. The project involved installations of Power supplies to all 5 Computer Laboratories. This part of the work involved the redesigning of the New Server Room. The main areas that were cabled are:

  • 1. The Main Library
  • 2. Server Room
  • 3. Administration Block
  • 4. Multimedia Studios
  • 5. Computer Labs x5
  • Data Points 600
  • Value 2.5 Million
  • Project Manger Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person Mr. Muchiri -IT and Mr. Chege the Finance Manager


Project Structured Cabling 150 The Project at KIA involved designing and Cabling of Computer LABS called Mt Elgon, Coast LAB, Sacho Lecturers Block and The Fibre and Wireless Links to various Blocks. We cabled the college using the category 5e with Cisco 2960 10/100/1000Mps, Linksys Switches, and Cisco AIR-1310 Wireless Bridges. The main areas that were cabled are: 1. The Coast Computer Lab 2. Mt Elgon Computer LAB 3. Sacho Lecturers Block 4. Fiber Links of Sacho Block To Mt Elgon LAN 5. Fiber Links Mt Elgon Computer LAB to New Administration Block, 6. Fiber link of Administration block to The New Conference Center. 7. Wireless Links SACHO Block To Block B (FMR)Administration Block

  • Value 4.5 Million
  • Project Manger Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person Mr. Festus Kitui -IT and Mr. Elijah Wachira Business Development
  • Manager Tel 4182311


Project Structured Cabling 130 The Project at KEWI, involved designing and Cabling of Campus Connectivity a project that is sponsored by the UNOPS a World Bank project. In this project 5 blocks were connected to the main Server center with Fibre optics Cable with Cisco 3750G-12SS core switch with LAN as Cisco 2960 Series. Interconnecting of the blocks involved the design of Manholes and construction. Hydraulically Drill through the road works and internal cabling of the seven blocks. The following blocks were Cabled and interconnected with Fiber Optics cable. 1. The Procurement Block 2. Research Block 3. The Library Block 4. The Lecturers Block 5. Server room Block with LAB B 6. LAB A Block

  • Value 4.9 Million
  • Project Manger Mr. Chris Namukhula
  • Contact Person Mr. Mwangi -IT Tel: 020 607425/ 607433 /607348